You Have the Right: A Witch’s Code for Living

Fairytale Forest - SunburstYou have the birthright to be exactly who you are right now. There is no need to shrink away or feel as though you are not worthy. You are manifesting the universe, right where you are.

You have the right to your experience of this life. Let no one tell you you’re “off” or “wrong” in how you think or understand what is happening. Even with supposed “limitations,” you have the right to see things as they are from your own experience—and that perception is indeed fact.

You have the right to stand in your power. Whether or not you “feel it,” you are a powerful being. You can say “yes” or “no” to anything that is happening—and you have the right to do so. You can act or not act based on your will and whatever you discern as needed in any given moment. Let no one but you define your power.

You have the right to stand in your power…

You have the right to be respected. What you offer, say and do is of value. And even if others do not see it as such, you are a living breathing manifestation of the entire universe. Therefore what you do and who you are commands that respect. Those who do not see this are blinded, self-involved, or foolish.

You have the right to your full set of emotions. As an expression of the universe there is light and dark all around. To live in connection with the great All of who you are, you should expect to experience times of sadness, frustration, anger, anxiety and more. Though others around you may try to control this or brush it aside, do not let them. For these too are expressions of living naturally.

You have the right to experience happiness. Whatever it is that brings forth your joy is important. No matter what others may say or how those around you may feel, you have the right to experience happiness in this life. Open yourself to it and let it flood in right now.

You have the right to be at peace…

You have the right to be at peace. There will be those who may threaten to darken your life or rob you of the peace of simply being. Do not let them. This life passes by quickly. Find the balance of peace and dwell in it frequently, for it is yours if you claim it.